What makes an Olympic athlete so great?

Apolo OhnoI have gotten a whole new perspective on Olympic athletes with the winter games. I am constantly amazed at how much drive and determination these people have. The hours of practice; the setbacks; the ups and downs, … the list just goes on.

What makes Apolo Ohno or Lindsey Vonn (or any other Olympian for that matter) different from you and me? Am I that different from an Olympic athlete in regards to my drive and determination?

Although I am not using the same skill set, I am using, developing, and honing my Virtual Assistance and leadership skills. I have determination. However, my finish line looks a little different. It is my balance sheet, my bank balance, and my P&L statement.

Do you know an Olympic athlete? Who? Think about that athlete.

  • * How are you different?
  • * How are you similar?

I bet there is the possibility that you are more like an Olympic athlete than you know. For example, I do not mind putting many hours per day into my business. It is something that I am nurturing, growing, and developing in hopes that I receive the business equivalent of a gold medal: a thriving, growing, PROFITABLE business.

If you would like to embody the spirit and determination of an Olympian, you need to develop success habits and skills: practice, diligence, follow through, and celebration. Always be sure to celebrate your victories no matter how small they may seem. Most Olympians do not go from practice and training to a gold medal. They have small victories that build to the big one(s).