Are you evolving?

Everything in life is a process of evolution. We learn new habits, both good and bad, and they evolve in your life. Through this process, I have had the realization that I am evolving. The way in which I look at things is changing.

When I began doing my daily ritual, it was tough. Not exactly drudgery but it required reminding and reinforcing.

Now I don’t feel that it requires reinforcing. But, don’t confuse this with being negligent and forgetful. I believe that I now realizing that my daily ritual is encompassing more than the day at hand. I am looking at the day, week, month, and year.

What has made this such a GREAT process for me is that I did not have to embrace oodles of steps, fit them into my life, and then feel bad for not achieving all of the pieces. I have been able to gradually add them in.

This approach has been the result of two things: the program I am following and me relaxing my own expectations (absolute perfection).

How are you evolving? What are you learning from the process?