Are you moving despite perfection?

While talking to a client many months ago, she said that she needed to move in “imperfect action.” By “imperfect action’” she meant not waiting for everything to be to exactly perfect: for all the stars to be aligned, knowing all the caveats, and having all the answers. That thought has resonated with me since. I could understand the concept. But, accepting and embracing it was not in my character. However, I have never forgotten the comment.

Since going through the process of developing my success habits, I have come to realize the importance of “imperfect action.”

We have all heard the saying that if you are not growing you are dying. I have come to appreciate, accept and understand this concept.  That is where “imperfect action” comes into play.

In a GREAT leap forward, I have been embracing “imperfect action.” This is not to say that I am doing something half way or jumping with any knowledge. It means that I am making decisions to the best of my abilities and not trying to wait until it is absolutely perfect.

In the past, I would have tried something, thought about it, and probably never rolled it out. I have oodles of things that have never really moved beyond grandiose ideas. A great example of “imperfect action” is, last week at the office I made the decision to use a different project management system. I did not have elaborate plans or systems in place. I notified my associates, gave them some directions (imperfect, I might add), and we made it through. Through this process it came to light that another system may actually be a better choice. What I learned from this is:

  1. The timing was right.
  2. You need to enlist the proper support and help.
  3. It is okay to change your mind or try something new. (Realize that I am not advocating being flippant.)

I am proud of myself for moving in “imperfect action.” And….THANK YOU Kathy (my client and friend)!

Are you moving in “imperfect action?” Let me know why or why not.