Are you practicing what you preach?

Practice what you preachI was just vividly reminded that life is a reflection of one’s self. A great example of this is… I have a client that does not want to pre-schedule follow up sessions with me. My client (who we will call Bob) wants to schedule the next follow up when we speak each time. This is not a bad plan, but not a great plan either. The irony is that Bob wants me to schedule appointments for him two to three months in advance. Do you see the contradiction?

It is much like my mom’s favorite saying: “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

What I realize is that many times I will complain that I want my clients, associates, etc to be different when I am acting the same way. How often do I really act one way but expect others to act another way?

Personally – A lot!!      

Today is the day that I observe my actions and take the time to evaluate those things that drive me CRAZY. Why do they make me so CRAZY? Is it because I do that? Maybe. Or is it because I used to do that?  No matter the reason it is a good time to reflect and see if I am practicing what I preach.