How we got here

I realize that I have not told you anything about how I am going about developing better self-discipline and success habits. So, today’s post will tell you what I am doing.

How we got here – 

Approximately five months ago, I enrolled in a coaching and mentoring program. I have done all that was asked of me by my coach. At least, I thought I had done all that was asked of me; however, I realized the other day that I had not begun the program that was included.

That’s when it hit me… if I did not use all the tools provided, it was unfair to my coach and to me.  And, that is what got us to yesterday!

I am tired of complaining about what I want and what I don’t get done in any given day, week, month or year. I now KNOW that my habits have been standing in the way of my own success. Therefore, I have taken the leap and have started the program in earnest. You, my audience, have been appointed as my accountability partners.

For the program –

I am following the Breaking the Money Barriers Home Study Program by Dr. Michael J. Duckett. Although the title of the program is Breaking the Money Barriers, this is a yearlong program that helps you to achieve financial success by developing habits which allow you to make significant changes in your all aspects of your life and business.

Ethically, I cannot give you all of the details of the program, but I can share with you how I am going about achieving my year long goal of success habits. So that you have an idea of what I am doing each day, I am giving you a general outline of the steps involved:

  • rate my life and identify what I could do to make it better;
  • commit to one step towards making life better;
  • read for personal and financial development;
  • go through several exercises;
  • journal about my day and how balanced it is;
  • create a daily to do list; and
  • calendar/schedule my day.

My commitment to you –

I will be posting each day. If I am unable to post one day, it should be planned, and you will be notified in advance. I will tell you about what successes I have and what obstacles I face. 

Again, I encourage you to take on your own challenge and share with me your obstacles and successes. We can develop the success habits together.

Today’s goal –

Today,  my goal is to take the second step in completing my daily paperwork and goals. Thus, I have made my second blog post, gone through my daily exercises, and am ready to take on the day. So far, so good. It seems easy at this point, but I do realize that it is the weekend and I don’t have any real obstacles to success. Tomorrow may be another story.