New problems?

Problems change, they don’t go away. It is easy to think that if you change your opportunities or circumstance and make things better, it will be better. It is like thinking that “rich people” don’t have problems. “Rich people” can’t possibly have the same problems as “poor people.”

That is a partial truth. Rich and poor people don’t have the SAME problems, but we all have problems. Thinking that the rich and poor have the same problems is the wrong mentality. It is like is thinking that my neighbor has the same problems as me. We all have different abilities, circumstances, problems, etc.

What I realized is that problems don’t evaporate, they just change forms. It is important to realize that as you develop the right habits (success habits, you approach your day and life differently. Those experiences impact how you approach your day, problems, and how you respond.

How are your success habits coming? Are your problems changing?