Will you join me on my journey?

All of my life I have started things.  Many things. But… I have not always finished them. I have been the queen of starting things and unfinished projects. I am not saying that nothing ever gets done because I have lots to celebrate. However, at this point in my life, I want more. I want the habits in place that allow me to follow through on what I am doing despite life’s apparent challenges and obstacles.

“When you make life adjust to your plans, instead of you adjusting to your obstacles, you succeed.”

Dr. Michael J. Duckett

I want to embody this. I want to lead a life of purpose, dedication, and success. In the process, I would like to help others too. Therefore, today January 9, 2010, I will begin practicing what I preach. Today, I begin taking the steps each day, for 365 days, toward my success and self-discipline.

I encourage you to join me on my journey. You do not have to follow the same path but take the steps to success and self-discipline.

What do you want more of in your life? What are you going to do to achieve it?

Wishing us both much success!