Are you practicing what you preach?

Practice what you preachI was just vividly reminded that life is a reflection of one’s self. A great example of this is… I have a client that does not want to pre-schedule follow up sessions with me. My client (who we will call Bob) wants to schedule the next follow up when we speak each time. This is not a bad plan, but not a great plan either. The irony is that Bob wants me to schedule appointments for him two to three months in advance. Do you see the contradiction?

It is much like my mom’s favorite saying: “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

What I realize is that many times I will complain that I want my clients, associates, etc to be different when I am acting the same way. How often do I really act one way but expect others to act another way?

Personally – A lot!!      

Today is the day that I observe my actions and take the time to evaluate those things that drive me CRAZY. Why do they make me so CRAZY? Is it because I do that? Maybe. Or is it because I used to do that?  No matter the reason it is a good time to reflect and see if I am practicing what I preach.

Are you insane?

insanityI don’t know about you, but I KNOW that I am.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Well… that is exactly what I have been doing. I have been going through my morning ritual but acting like it is something different when in fact it is not. And to top it off, I have been expecting different results. Can you imagine doing the same thing and expecting new results? That is when the little voice (sometimes a gremlin) in my head said – How’s that working for you?

It’s not!!

This is the situation: I have been making daily to do lists. I say that I am going to get this done even when I know the list is overly ambitious. BUT… there is the voice in my head that says, “Get real, there is no way you are getting all of that done.” Additionally, I rarely look at this list, which makes it impossible to get it done.

The remedy, I have found, is to be honest with myself. I cannot get 25 things plus client work and family things done in a day. And, I have to use a system that integrates well with what I am already using a check. Therefore, I have started adding this to my project management system for the office. I am already checking it several times a day and get a quick reminder of what needs to be done.

Is there anything that you are doing repeatedly and expecting different results? What is it? What is the system you are currently using? Do you need someone to bounce ideas off? I am here and will be glad to assist.

What are you NOT seeing?

BlinderI told you about the square on the wall in my office that was not painted for more than one year. Well we finally painted it. I look at it now and am very thankful to my wonderful husband for getting the job done.

What I am amazed about is that I have to force myself to look at it and everything on the wall. It strikes me as unreal that I can come here at least five days per week and not notice it. That brought up the question… what do you just accept (or live with) because you no longer notice it?

Do I see the things that really need to be done?

I will have to look inside myself, really look inside, and get back with you on it. In the meantime, ask yourself that same question. What are you no longer notice and accepting in life?

Are the goals that I set similar to the square on the wall? I see them in the beginning. I see that they are incomplete; however, after some time, I don’t see them at all.

What system do I need to do to make certain I am always seeing my goals?

What holds you back?

Ball and chainThe process of doing this blog and developing my success habits has revealed a lot to me. The last few days have been rather difficult and insightful. I am trying to grow as a person and business owner. I have found that frequently it does not go at the pace I would prefer.

Through this I have had another revelation (among many of them). Frustration, irritation, aggravation, and disgust can all be a growing process. Yesterday, I was so over EVERYTHING, which I thought I was going to blow a gasket. So much so, that I did not even acknowledge most of the wonderful people who were so gracious to wish me a happy birthday. 

However, the real revelation during all of this was today. I had a great day today. I felt better focused, handled many issues (directly and promptly), and got oodles done.  I even left the office early, comparatively, speaking: 5:15pm.

But onto my learning… Sometimes things have to get darker before the light.

Are you taking a day off?

gremlinsI gave myself permission to take the day of not too long ago. It was approximately 22 days ago, but who is counting. What I have realized that when you skip one day, the habit is not so ingrained that you automatically resume. You have to stay on top of it. One day is not so bad, but it can be your excuse for missing more.

Many times your GREMLIN tells you that you already missed a day, you’ve messed up and you can’t do it any because _________ (you fill in the blank), and you should just give it up. Ambitious goals like this are for the real achievers. You have to acknowledge your gremlin, quiet him or her, and then realize that you can do it. You must also acknowledge that there are bumps in the road, but it doesn’t mean you stop driving. You either have to drive around them or take a new course.

Don’t let missing a goal (or to do) a day, two, or twenty-two, take you off the course to your success. Take a breath, congratulate yourself for what you have done, acknowledge the bump in the road, figure out your course of action (not inaction), and start again!

Are you waiting for everything to be right?

Ducks in a rowI keep waiting for all the conditions to be right. Will they ever be? Maybe. However, the realistic answer is no. The stars, moon, planets, and all of the other things in life will not be in perfect alignment for ___________ (whatever you want it to be).

For me, it has been, among many things, exercise. I keep saying that I will do it next week when my business is better settled, my dad is doing better, or when I have a little more time. I keep saying next week – then, it will be right.

I have found that these are all excuses. It will never be right (aka perfect). There will always be challenges. What I have to do is move in spite of life’s obstacles.

So, in light of this revelation, I went on a 5 mile hike today. Tomorrow I will be moving my elliptical trainer and treadmill into the office, and I will start moving at least a few minutes each day. I will also be wearing exercise clothes to the office so that I am ready to go. Wish me luck!

What are you avoiding because you are waiting for the conditions to be right (aka perfect)?

New problems?

Problems change, they don’t go away. It is easy to think that if you change your opportunities or circumstance and make things better, it will be better. It is like thinking that “rich people” don’t have problems. “Rich people” can’t possibly have the same problems as “poor people.”

That is a partial truth. Rich and poor people don’t have the SAME problems, but we all have problems. Thinking that the rich and poor have the same problems is the wrong mentality. It is like is thinking that my neighbor has the same problems as me. We all have different abilities, circumstances, problems, etc.

What I realized is that problems don’t evaporate, they just change forms. It is important to realize that as you develop the right habits (success habits, you approach your day and life differently. Those experiences impact how you approach your day, problems, and how you respond.

How are your success habits coming? Are your problems changing?

Do you know what your purpose is?

Well T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, has done it again. I was trying to decide what to write about, when I read his blog. Although I connected the dots before he wrote his January 29th post; it says it all.

When working on my goal planning for the year, I realized that I had lost sight of how my business supports my great purpose and how it really fulfills me. I got so caught up in the day to day minutia that I forgot to read my client testimonials and to look at the greater good.  As soon as I did that, things changed. I became more relaxed and things are coming easier. This is not to say that everything is easy peasy and I don’t have challenges. It means that the challenges are part of the GREATER good.

I encourage you to check out Eker’s blog post. You will be glad you did.

Is your life serving your purpose? Can you even remember what your purpose is?

Are you evolving?

Everything in life is a process of evolution. We learn new habits, both good and bad, and they evolve in your life. Through this process, I have had the realization that I am evolving. The way in which I look at things is changing.

When I began doing my daily ritual, it was tough. Not exactly drudgery but it required reminding and reinforcing.

Now I don’t feel that it requires reinforcing. But, don’t confuse this with being negligent and forgetful. I believe that I now realizing that my daily ritual is encompassing more than the day at hand. I am looking at the day, week, month, and year.

What has made this such a GREAT process for me is that I did not have to embrace oodles of steps, fit them into my life, and then feel bad for not achieving all of the pieces. I have been able to gradually add them in.

This approach has been the result of two things: the program I am following and me relaxing my own expectations (absolute perfection).

How are you evolving? What are you learning from the process?

Are you moving despite perfection?

While talking to a client many months ago, she said that she needed to move in “imperfect action.” By “imperfect action’” she meant not waiting for everything to be to exactly perfect: for all the stars to be aligned, knowing all the caveats, and having all the answers. That thought has resonated with me since. I could understand the concept. But, accepting and embracing it was not in my character. However, I have never forgotten the comment.

Since going through the process of developing my success habits, I have come to realize the importance of “imperfect action.”

We have all heard the saying that if you are not growing you are dying. I have come to appreciate, accept and understand this concept.  That is where “imperfect action” comes into play.

In a GREAT leap forward, I have been embracing “imperfect action.” This is not to say that I am doing something half way or jumping with any knowledge. It means that I am making decisions to the best of my abilities and not trying to wait until it is absolutely perfect.

In the past, I would have tried something, thought about it, and probably never rolled it out. I have oodles of things that have never really moved beyond grandiose ideas. A great example of “imperfect action” is, last week at the office I made the decision to use a different project management system. I did not have elaborate plans or systems in place. I notified my associates, gave them some directions (imperfect, I might add), and we made it through. Through this process it came to light that another system may actually be a better choice. What I learned from this is:

  1. The timing was right.
  2. You need to enlist the proper support and help.
  3. It is okay to change your mind or try something new. (Realize that I am not advocating being flippant.)

I am proud of myself for moving in “imperfect action.” And….THANK YOU Kathy (my client and friend)!

Are you moving in “imperfect action?” Let me know why or why not.