Investment Options

You may ask…

“How can this be an investment?”

An investment is  the outlay of money for income or profit. Therefore, this is an investment in YOU. It is an investment to keep you doing what you love and to help you work smarter not harder.

Realize too that although you may be able to do the work yourself, should you? Many times, as business owners, we pick the low pay off tasks to complete not looking at the full impact of our decisions.



All new clients start with a Flex Plan. After the Flex Plan is complete (hours do roll over month-to-month), you can then move to the pay-as-you-go option or continue to purchase Flex Plan to get a better rate.

No minimums. You do not need to spend a specific amount of time with our company each month nor will you be billed a specific amount each month.

All time spent on your project is billable. That includes: phone calls, e-mail correspondence, implementation, project management, organization or any other activity we need to do to ensure your work is done properly.

Any expenses incurred will also be billable to your account. This includes: WordPress templates, stock photography, hosting charges, etc. If we have to incur a cost to perform your work, we will bill it to your account. All expenses will be approved by you before purchase.


Investment options:

  • Flex Plan

They are prepaid packages which offer you the guarantee of premium rate plan and an assistant waiting to serve you. The flex plans let you mix and match the services depending on your needs at that time. You also get the benefit of ONE low rate.

10 Hours – $380

20 Hours – $720

30 Hours – $1020

40Hours – $1280

  • Pay as You Go

Pay as you go packages are billed at $40-$75 per hour depending on the service provided. A credit card must be on file for all pay as you go packages. Use as much or as little as you need at that time!

  • Specialized Service Packages

For a select group of services, we have outlined a typical pricing structure that lets you know exactly what to expect both in the services rendered and the cost. Packaged services are billed separately from flex and hourly rate packages. Please inquire for package services available and details.