Can I take a break now?

No. No. No. Although it would be great to have a day that I can do nothing, I realize it does not serve my bigger goal. This makes me realize that I have to do things for the greater good. Therefore, a few minutes (or maybe more) of discomfort for the habits I want to […]

Checking in. How are things going?

What do you do when things do not go as planned? I have been working on my success habits for 15 days now. The frustrating part is that despite my desire and drive, things are not going as I planned. I have learned the following: I want immediate results and this is not practical. I […]

What are you asking for out of life?

Much of the reason that I have begun this year long journey of posting a blog every day and developing success habit is get out of life what I want. I recently heard something in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill that drove this point home. I will share it with you. […]

How much is a daily ritual worth?

Well, I am bummed. I missed my second post yesterday. I will be making up for that by doing two posts today. I feel that what I learned from yesterday’s experience is much too powerful to keep to myself. Yesterday, we had a newspaper photographer coming to the office to take a picture for an […]

Are you really seeing what is there?

Yesterday, I mentioned honoring my purpose in the things that I do each day. The reason this came about is that I have read the book Breaking the Money Barriers two times. I am on my third reading. It came to my attention that I was not fully participating in what I was doing. I […]

Are you honoring your purpose?

I have been immersed in the Breaking the Money Barriers Program for less than two weeks and have been learning tons. It is amazing how you can go through the exercises and not fully participate. Each day I have been going through my morning ritual but I have not been in the game 100%. I was […]

The proof is in the pudding

Today was the first day of my new productivity schedule. What a learning experience it was! It started okay and went down the tubes by 9:30 this morning. All is not lost, though. I realized a few things: Plans are meant to be changed; Plans have to be tested to see if they are realistic; […]

What is a plan worth?

I usually think of myself as quick and smart. However, lately I am not so sure. Today, I am truly realizing the value of a plan. Yesterday, I laid out my plan or productivity schedule for the week. With doing that, I know how I should be spending my week and when I am being […]

Do you know what your plan should look like?

I have been doing this for 8 days now, and I have already missed my first post. Although I missed the post because of poor planning, it has been a very good learning experience. That is what this is supposed to be about too. Learning experiences for you and me. I had a week that […]

Are you in the game 100%?

Tonight on my way home from a very enjoyable evening with girlfriends, I heard a line from a song that struck a chord. In actuality the whole song spoke to me. I realized that when days get busy and rush rush, you can feel that God is busy and doesn’t hear you. You can become […]