Are you really seeing what is there?

Yesterday, I mentioned honoring my purpose in the things that I do each day. The reason this came about is that I have read the book Breaking the Money Barriers two times. I am on my third reading. It came to my attention that I was not fully participating in what I was doing. I was not making certain that what I do each day supports my life’s purpose.

I was truly blown away by the fact that it never clicked before.  Was I not ready to receive it? Was I not open to the message? Or, was it just too obvious and right there all the time?

When I was explaining this to an associate, she mentioned that you become desensitized to what is there every day. For example, on the wall of my office, there is a large square that is unpainted. It is an ugly gray square. The previous owner had something hanging on the wall in this location and painted around it. When I first saw the office it was so obvious; however, I never notice it anymore. It has to be pointed out by someone else, or I have to come into the office with a different perspective to see it.

How often are we missing the obvious because it is with us every day or we are not ready to receive it?