Are you waiting for everything to be right?

Ducks in a rowI keep waiting for all the conditions to be right. Will they ever be? Maybe. However, the realistic answer is no. The stars, moon, planets, and all of the other things in life will not be in perfect alignment for ___________ (whatever you want it to be).

For me, it has been, among many things, exercise. I keep saying that I will do it next week when my business is better settled, my dad is doing better, or when I have a little more time. I keep saying next week – then, it will be right.

I have found that these are all excuses. It will never be right (aka perfect). There will always be challenges. What I have to do is move in spite of life’s obstacles.

So, in light of this revelation, I went on a 5 mile hike today. Tomorrow I will be moving my elliptical trainer and treadmill into the office, and I will start moving at least a few minutes each day. I will also be wearing exercise clothes to the office so that I am ready to go. Wish me luck!

What are you avoiding because you are waiting for the conditions to be right (aka perfect)?