What are you NOT seeing?

BlinderI told you about the square on the wall in my office that was not painted for more than one year. Well we finally painted it. I look at it now and am very thankful to my wonderful husband for getting the job done.

What I am amazed about is that I have to force myself to look at it and everything on the wall. It strikes me as unreal that I can come here at least five days per week and not notice it. That brought up the question… what do you just accept (or live with) because you no longer notice it?

Do I see the things that really need to be done?

I will have to look inside myself, really look inside, and get back with you on it. In the meantime, ask yourself that same question. What are you no longer notice and accepting in life?

Are the goals that I set similar to the square on the wall? I see them in the beginning. I see that they are incomplete; however, after some time, I don’t see them at all.

What system do I need to do to make certain I am always seeing my goals?